Ouverture de l’appel à candidature du programme de mobilité Erasmus+ avec “Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena”

We are pleased to inform you of the opening of a call for applications for the Erasmus + mobility program with the Technical University of Cartagena in Spain- UPCT. Through this initiative staff members and students from our university (USMBA) will be able to carry out part of their activities/studies at UPCT, receiving funding from the EU.

Staff mobilities will last 5 days, though they may last longer if needed. However, any additional cost will be the beneficiary’s responsibility.

Students who are accepted in this program will receive funding for a maximum of 5 months. However, similarly to staff mobilities, they may stay for a longer period if that is their wish in order to complete a whole semester/year; please note that they will have to assume all costs associated to their stay beyond the 5 months set by the program.

Only official degrees, in Engineering and Telecom, can be selected by visiting students. Below you will find a link with UPCT academic offer:


Also, it is important to note that all mobilities need to be carried out before 31st July 2021.



Applications must be sent to the vice dean in charge of research and cooperation: elmestafa.elhadrami@usmba.ac.ma- Faculty of Science and Technology and in copy, Pr Najiba El Amrani El Idrissi – Faculty of Science and Technology (najiba.elamrani@usmba.ac.ma) and the International cooperation Office: inter.mobility@usmba.ac.ma  before January 16, 2020.

and must consist of:



  1. Academic transcript of records and achievement
  2. Motivation Letter
  3. English or Spanish Language Competency (B2 or higher according to the CEFR)
  4. Suggestion: the filled proposed Learning agreement approved by the home university.


Due to the nature of Undergraduate and Master studies, selected beneficiaries must begin their classes in UPCT on the following periods:


1st Semester: mid- September

2nd Semester: mid- February




  1. Academic transcript of records and achievement
  2. CV
  3. Motivation Letter
  4. Acceptance Letter from one of our Departments: http://gruposinvestigacion.upct.es/grupos_ID/grupos_ID.php
  5. English or Spanish Language Competency (B2 or higher according to the CEFR)


As opposed to Undergraduate and Master students, it is essential that PhD candidates contact UPCT’s Departments and get an acceptance letter.

Due to the nature of PhD studies, selected beneficiaries may begin almost any time during the year. However, it must be noted UPCT will remain closed during the month of August, so they need to plan their stay accordingly and make sure it does not coincide with this period.

Priority is for candidates who never benefited from a previous Erasmus+ stay and special attention will be given to candidates with vulnerable social situation




Similarly to the case of PhD students, candidates for Staff mobilities need to have previously contacted relevant Departments in UPCT and get accepted in them.

Therefore, candidates will have to complete the following:

  1. Staff mobility for Teaching Agreement only for Teaching Mobility
  2. Staff mobility for Training Agreement only for Training Mobility
  3. Motivation Letter

The selections will be made according to the academic merit of the candidate, the motivation and the level of knowledge of language. It will be made in two stages. The first at the USMBA’s level, the second at the level of the UPTC. The results will be published on February 4.